• Exterior, restaurant building
  • Interior, dining booths and tables
  • Interior, bar


About us

Goorsha serves traditional Ethiopian fare – like tibs (meat sautéed in spices) and Shiro (chickpea stew) – with a modern twist. Whether you select a communal plate to share or prefer an individual portion, each dish is crafted using local, organic ingredients to honor tradition, health, and of course, flavor.

To complement your meal, Goorsha offers an extensive list of house-made cocktails and curated artisan wines and craft beers. So go ahead – dive in with your hands, honor your friends, and experience a new way of eating…Ethiopian style.


In Ethiopian culture, friendship, honor and love are expressed by feeding each other – an act known as a goorsha. To perform a goorsha, simply place a bit of food into another’s mouth with your right hand. A goorsha is a sign of acceptance and appreciation - like a hug between friends.